A Guide Add-on For Photoshop and Illustrator Worth Every Penny

GuideGuide by Cameron McEfee is a must have extension for any serious designer. It makes life so much easier with its obvious uses but then there are a few more powerful features recently added by Cameron that further make the $10 extension worth purchasing.

If you already use GuideGuide extensively then take the time to read on. Some of the unconventional uses may not be immediately apparent. Also, this extension works exactly the same in Illustrator as well, which is a welcome advantage.

Grid Basics

A key aspect of beginning any design work is setting up the work grid. It really does not matter what tool you use, if your grid is accurate to your needs you can quickly begin the harder stuffs. What GuideGuide does is that it fills a blank document with automated mathematically calculated grids thus making your design projects easier to start.

Take for instance you are preparing a document that measures 11 by 8.5 inches for a trifold type of brochure. This document of yours will have 0.125-inch bleed, 0.5 inch margins and a baseline grid. With GuideGuide you can prepare the complete grid system in a single click!

Working With A Fresh Document

Starting with a blank document, the moment you prepare the document, first add the column count. As default, GuideGuide takes the current artboard as its reference. Just add the columns you need and then hit the button that says “Add guides”.

The next step is to create the margins you need for each column. To do this simply create a rectangle corresponding to the size of each column and then select it. With the rectangle selected add 0.5 inches to the margin fields and add guides. For each column do this process to complete all margins.

The final step is to add bleed guides, which is the easiest thing to do. Deselect anything that may have been selected and then put -0.125 inches into the margin fields. Add the guides and your complete document guide system is ready to use! All you have to do is expand the artboard to accommodate the bleed guides too.

Adding Mid-Points To Each Column

If you have those rectangles we created initially to add margins in your document, then just select them and click on the quick-guide option called “Midpoint”. That’s it!

GuideGuide can save you quite some time especially if you have a lot of guides to setup. Besides, there are a lot of quick options too that work with a single button.

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