Penguin 4.0 And How It Affects Websites

By now you are already aware that the Penguin algorithm is a key component of the core algorithm for Google search results. Google has officially announced as much but what does it mean for your website?

What Is Google Penguin?

Back in April 2012, Google introduced Penguin for the first time and it was an algorithm designed to ferret out and penalize link spamming. Basically, this update worked by discovering web spam and then penalizing those websites who used web spam to fool the SERPs. Black hat techniques such as link schemes, keyword stuffing, cloaking and duplicate content all suddenly lost their value.

So Why Penguin 4.0 Now?

Okay, first of all, Penguin update has undergone several modifications over the years. Google has worked at refining the way this update works with the intention of deterring those practicing unethical ways of ranking and to help promote better content quality.

According to Marcus Roberts from Mirador Wealth, a leading Sydney advisory firm specialising in Financial Planning Advice, The only true difference with the 4.0 version is

  • The update now works in real time.
  • It no longer operates on a site-wide basis.

Prior to the recent 4.0 update, Penguin would run sporadically every now and then and you could either get the penalty during a run or a penalty lifted. So basically if your website was penalized, you had to work hard to lift it and wait for the next Penguin run to see results.

In the past Penguin would affect an entire website and not just one page when it found spam signals. This meant a poorly optimized and Black Hat SEO page would affect your entire website and the rankings you had over several keywords.

With the introduction of Penguin 4.0 though things have gone for a toss. Penguin now operates in real time and this means that penalties are slapped instantly as well as lifted the moment you fix the situation. Build spammy links and your SERPs are effected but the moment you fix them, your penalty is lifted.

Another advantage in the latest iteration of Penguin is that you individual pages are affected rather than your entire website. So one bad page does not hurt your entire domain.

Will You Be Affected?

If you have worked hard on quality content, did not engage in spamming links then Penguin 4.0 has already given you a ranking boost! In fact, majority of white hat SEO initiatives saw a major movement upwards in their rankings.

In other words, this is probably an update from Google that has done wonders for webmasters who do things the right way.

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