SEO or PPC – Why Not Both?

Every new client I bring onboard for search marketing almost inevitably asks the queston, “Should we focus on PPC or just do SEO?”

Let’s investigate this a little.

Paid search and organic search are totally different on a fundamental level and yet they help achieve the same goals. Why would you even want to focus on one thing and not the other when both are there for the same purpose? Besides, by combining the two strategies you can actually increase the visibility of your website further.

Your website promotion team consists of various players and SEO, PPC are two among them who have a specialized skillset. Why would want to bench one of them for the other when you can harvest the potential of both for your purposes?

Because There’s A Budget…

Yes, the ugly word why you can concentrate on only one is “Budget”. Depending on your budget you may have to concentrate on just one of the two strategies. But before we dive deeper into this, let me tell you what happens when you try to cut budget on internet marketing.

You hire a company that gives you a dime-a-moon service and you feel good that you are staying well within your budgetary constraints. At the end of the service period though you have moved nowhere in terms of visibility. On the plus side though you stayed in your budget. Would you want this?

What I am trying to tell you is to look beyond the budget. Never keep it as the first starting point. Focus on the results and then prepare a budget accordingly.

What Does It Mean For SEO

People who depend on Google regularly never really make it past the first page. Hence, if your expenditure does not get you to the first page, you have effectively wasted all your money! Budget does not even count when SEO gets you less than top ten ranking.

What Does It Mean For PPC

You pay per click and so your budget effectively revolves around the number of clicks you want to buy. So, immediately clients believe there is an inherent cost factor to it while SEO is free. I hate this attitude.

SEO is not free and neither is PPC but at least PPC gets you immediate brand recognition and footfall, provided it is done right.

My Verdict

I am going to tell you what I tell all my clients – “Do both. Don’t just concentrate on PPC or SEO when you can combine the power of the two and get short term as well as long term results!”

Take one of my clients for example – One Sure Insurance. They primarily specialise in Motor Trade Insurance, and their core focus is pay-per-click advertising. However, they understand the importance of SEO and do implement both tactics to great success.

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