Top 5 Sites For Free Coding Knowledge From Scratch

If you already have working knowledge of a particular language then the bootcamps I mention here may not feel repetitive or dull. Although, brushing up on the basics every now and then does help!

Have you always thought of becoming a programmer simply because the idea of creating something magical that does things, feels powerful. Or maybe you already design for a living, have websites but simply wish to learn a little bit of programming to help do tiny things that otherwise require expensive coders. Regardless, coding is easy only when it is taught right and by someone who understands every facet of the language itself. But, wait that will cost you a lot, Right?

Wrong! To start from the basics, often scratch you actually do not need to spend anything. Besides, learning the basics should always be free and that is why the internet is abound with websites offering tutorials and foundational courses on several languages and coding practices for free. Here are my top five pick of all time.


Probably the most popular and well known in this list, I actually began my coding career using CodeAcademy. Their courses are 100% free and highly geared towards information retention. The sole objective of this educational company is to provide an engaging experience. You can learn HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, Python and even Ruby.


Established four years ago, this relative new comer is actually an educational-technology company that has nearly 1000 courses spread across 119 institutions. They offer a lot of paid programs that in return provide you a certificate recognized by many companies but there are several introductory prgrams too that you can specialize in.


One more of my favorites, edX is actually an open-source platform and was collectively founded by MIT and Harvard University four years ago. They offer information and tutorials on cutting edge stuff and currently is the preferred source for over 60 schools.


Founded way back in 2010, this specific website actually has many free courses but it is the paid courses you should look into. They can help you learn a lot of things through video lessons and even actual courses that have project work and books involved.


When stuck on a problem you just can’t understand or solve, when you need books or reference material to get around stuff, GitHub comes to the rescue.

Some other noteworthy mentions include Hack.pledge(), Code Avengers, MIT Open Courseware, Khan Academy (the first true free source online) and Fre Food Camp that teaches you almost all basics of web design without charging a penny.

The websites and resources I mentioned here are all excellent in what they do but each has its own style of delivering knowledge. Before diving headfirst into either of my suggestions, take some time to browse through them. Test run a couple of options and zero in on the one that you find easiest to follow. Once you have got a decent handle on your chosen subject, you can always take the more advanced paid certification courses, which many of the same sites offer.

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