Using Messaging Apps For Marketing

How many messaging apps do you use? Chances are that you use at least two or three. What if you could leverage messaging apps to meet your brand visibility needs?

If you compare the number of image apps, gallery apps or any other kind of app with messaging apps, you will find people actually use more than one messaging platform and this revelation can easily be leveraged for marketing your product or service.

Besides, a new innovation known as chatbot can help you maximize returns from message marketing.

I want to take you back a few years. Remember those SMS messages you got for products and various services? Using a messaging app for your company’s marketing is something similar if not the same.

Today, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber and a lot more apps have taken over our phones. Then there are the more anonymous chat applications such as SnapChat. If you can leverage this change in dynamics and the growth of messaging apps, make exclusive strategies to meet customers on chat applications, you open up yet another source of steady footfall.

How To Use Messaging Apps

You could make referral codes and hand out via messaging apps to as many folks as you can enticing them to visit your website, spread the news to their friends and receive discounts or offers in return. You could also make concentrated efforts at targeting only your existing customers and get them to engage with you on a regular basis thus improving return visitors count. The possibilities are simply endless.

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